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The Rito are a race of humanoids with bird features, counting a snout-like nose and wings. Their exact appearance differs from game to game, with some being undeniably more like a bird than others. The Rito actually evolved from the Zora, but there's not really any similitudes left between the two races, both in terms of culture and appearance.

Rito names are quite melodic, but there are unquestionable exemptions. Male names range from names like Bill and Teba to names like Akiza and Noki. Female names range from names like Kiedi and Saki, to names like Basht and Bedoli.

All the female names with 3 syllables seem to end in -li, so I adhered to this naming show too. However, with a really small pool of names from the games, this could only be a fortuitous event.

Most Rito can fly over a huge span and can drift set up, but some, like Medli, have trouble flying for long periods of time. This is probable because of her naiveté at flying in contrast with developing Rito. Like humans, Rito's heads are covered by hair that is of various tones and lengths for every individual. Most males, however, appear to have white shaded hair, even at a young age.

The Rito in Breath of the Wild are no longer humanoid and are currently portrayed as having a more human bird-like appearance. They are additionally displayed to have wings normally which are portrayed a being prehensile and hand-like allowing them to grab and hold things.

Most Rito resembles falcons and eagles, while the Elder Kaneli resembles an owl, though it is obscure in case this is just a variety or the consequence of advanced age. Yet Kass is shown to be parrot-like, showing it is more probable only variety for all intents and purposes, much like the Zora who are known to have variations in appearance between members.

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