Zandalari Troll Name Generator

Zandalari Troll Name Generator is an easy tool to generate character names, like male and female. Use the get Male and Female names button and choose.

This name generator will give you ten unique random Zandalari troll names.

The Zandalari savages are the main savage species in Azeroth, and the ancestors of all other trolls. They're also the most powerful of all troll tribes, just as the ones with the greatest desires. They were once far more powerful than they are now, at least in terms of conquered lands, and they wish to reconquer these grounds they've since lost.

As far as names go, Zandalari troll names differ slightly from those of other troll tribes, most likely because of how savages will in general adhere to one another in clans, instead of blend their societies as one joined individuals. The differences aren't great though, but the names in this generator will contrast from those in the other savage name generator.

To start, click on the button to generate ten unique random names. Don't like the names? Click again to get ten new unique random names.

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