Naga Name Generator

Naga name generator will give you ten random names fit for the World of Warcraft. Click on Get Naga names, and you can select the one you like.

This name generator will give you 10 unique random names suitable for naga and nagi.

Naga and nagi (female of naga) are creatures with either the body of a (humanoid) snake or the lower body of a snake and the chest space of a human. They originate from Indian religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism, but today you can discover naga in numerous works of fiction also.

As far as names go, there's no real stereotype or trope for naga, but snake-like sounds do appear to show up usually in basically some structure. In this generator, I've separated the names into 2 sections. The first 5 names are names that follow the snake-like sound patterns, and simply broad harsher and more throaty tones you'd anticipate from humanoid snakes. Some names will fit certain types of naga better than others (human heads vs snakeheads, etc.), but there's an entire reach to pick from

The last 5 names will be names dependent on the first naga boss names from the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata. While the names are randomized, and subsequently as a rule not stringently Sanskrit, they do convey the overall feeling and make them fit for anecdotal creatures dependent on these Sanskrit renditions.

I didn't distinguish between male, female or nonpartisan names because of the absence of sayings. It'll be generally dependent upon you to choose what the distinction will be. Should female names end in a vowel? Is it purely based on sound? Is there no difference whatsoever?

To start, click on the button to generate ten unique random names. Don't like the names? Click again to get ten new unique random names.

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