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The Mordesh are a race of elf-like beings, be that as it may, consider more drow and other darker elves in terms of appearance. They were once an extraordinary and exquisite human advancement, but when an Everlife Elixir turned into a widespread infection the Mordesh were quarantined and thus trapped by the Dominion. Allies have managed to smuggle some of them out, permitting them to retaliate against the Dominion with savage tirelessness.

Mordesh first names are heavily inspired by Eastern European names, much of the time, they are simply ordinary Eastern European names. Family names will in general stray somewhat more from their genuine partners, but are still quite Eastern European in overall feel.

Until the last century, the Mordesh of planet Grismara had thriving progress whose refinements in speculative chemistry made them the jealousy of the world. Having attracted the attention of the Dominion and been invited to join, they are a continuous achievement was everything except unavoidable.

In 1578 AE, Victor Lazarin, broadly recognized as the best chemist in Grismaran history, announced his creation of the Everlife Elixir - a substance he guaranteed allowed eternality. The Mordesh were convinced of Lazarin's brilliance, and the remedy was conveyed around the world. However, cries of celebrating before long went to groans of gloom. The elixir eventually became unstable, prompting necromantic actual degeneration combined with careless primitive fury.

It is said that in the Contagion's first flare-ups, the losses mounted too quickly to possibly be estimated. The lone sureness was that the development of billions lay inside a hairsbreadth of elimination after only a couple of weeks.

The Dominion response was a brutal and uncompromising quarantine, while underneath the Mordesh endured and died. While basically falling into the Contagion's craze himself, Lazarin created a temporary therapeutic treatment known as the Vitalus Serum. Despite failing to cure the disease, the serum stifled its mental side effects and saved the few remaining Mordesh survivors.

In distress, the Mordesh turned to the Exiles, who pirated them piecemeal through the Dominion blockade. Forced by dwindling numbers and their pursued status to become specialists of cunning and duplicity, they framed a secretive knowledge bunch, the Black Hoods, to wage missions of treachery and death against their foes. Seen by the Exiles as a repulsive yet fundamental fiendishness, the Mordesh now ply their dark arts on Nexus in hopes of finding a cure and wreaking vengeance on the Dominion who deserted them.

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