Mechari names - Wildstar

Wildstar Mechari name generator. 1000's of names are available, you're bound to find one you like.

This name generator will give you ten unique random names appropriate for the Mechari part of the Wildstar universe.

The mechari are a race of mechanical creatures. Created by the Eldan with the intention of interfacing with other civilizations in the galaxy they instead became a dominant and unfeeling power looking for complete predominance over the Dominion.

Mechari names are very intricate. Their first names have somewhat Latin and Greek roots, but are less so than the highborn Cassian and are heavily intertwined with more mechanical sounding elements. In many cases, the mechanical aspect appears to be the more important part.

Mechari surnames are compound-like as they start with a Latin number or Greek letter, or another comparative part. This is then followed by a technological sounding part, however, this is not entirely clear as a rule. However, it can never be 'bot', as this is viewed as hostile.

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