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This name generator will give you 10 unique random names appropriate for the Aurin part of the Wildstar universe.

The Aurin are a race of humanoid beings with large rabbit ears and cat highlights like paws and long tails. They live in the forests and as such have fostered a wide scope of hiding and skin tones, although they're no longer as different as they used to be back in the far off past.

Aurin first names are often soft and quite melodic, but like their backwoods, their names additionally have different harsher components. Surnames are compound names comprised of 2 words that are frequently identified with nature here and there. Names like 'Sungrass' and 'Redleaf' for example.

For millennia, the Aurin carried on with basic lives on the backwoods universe of Arboria. Having fostered a harmonious relationship with the trees of their homeworld, the Aurin were wild and spry trackers that ensured Arboria's woodlands and the animals that lived inside them. Driven by a whole line of sovereigns that communed straightforwardly with the antiquated and amazing Mother Tree, the Aurin partook in an ideal presence in their secret heaven on the edge of the Fringe.

Disengaged by the area of their homeworld, the Aurin had never experienced offworlders until the appearance of a ragtag band of people - descendants of the survivors of Brightland's Rebellion on planet Cassus. Liking the pleasant autonomy of their guests, the Aurin invited them, inquisitive about their beautiful accounts of different universes among the stars.

The Aurin were glad to exchange new food and water for the bizarre new instruments offered by the people, and a friendship born of kindness and liberality immediately bloomed between the two races. Fearful of bringing the Dominion down upon their new friends, the human fleet soon moved on, however now and again singular boats would get back to get new supplies and visit with Aurin companions.

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