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The Tomb Kings are the rulers of Nehekhara who have become alive once again through the forces of Liche Priests. They are not the only ones brought back from the dead though as they order an immense scope of a wide range of undead creatures. Ushbati, scarabs, scorpions and, of course, skeletons a couple of the creatures under the solicitation for these Tomb Kings.

Tomb King (and Queen) names are inspired by ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian influences, actually like their experience and culture is. Surnames come in the form of titles or essentially title-like surnames. Names like 'the Visionary' and 'the Imperishable' show how these names tend to be related to their undead nature, just as how extraordinary they are or need to be.

South of the Old World lies the dormant Nehekharan desert, the territory of the Tomb Kings. Nehekhara was an ancient flourishing human civilization, based on the clique of the dead and its respectability getting ready for eternality, their corpses mummified and favoured to protect them until the clerics of the Mortuary Cult discovered the equation for interminable life and youth.

However, Nagash the Great Necromancer cursed the entire land, killing everything and everybody inside it while arousing the Tomb Kings, who now fiercely protect their former kingdom and try to regain their former glory. Nehekhara's author and current ruler are Settra the Imperishable.

The Tomb Kings are an offbeat multitude of undead based on the preserved Tomb Kings and the Liche Priests who individually lead and keep their cohorts of undead skeleton soldiers animate, large numbers of their units a fairer however considerably more varied and at last dependable impression of traditional armed forces with skeleton infantry, cavalry and chariots.

Close by the skeletons, walk bone and stone develops filling the jobs of shock troops and concentrated units, from the Ushabti to the towering Warsphinx, as well as magical artillery. Dependable and suffering in all angles, just as having ubiquitous Fear, the Tomb King will outlive their adversaries.

The Tomb Kings are a Non-aligned faction, and generally, mind their own business in Nehekhara. The only time they interact with the outside is when would-be invaders or cheats undermine their valued fortunes, and some Nehekharan armies have occasionally travelled to inflict retribution for any trespasser. However, their most hated adversaries are the Vampires and Nagash who reviled them to their undead destiny.

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