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Our Weequay Name Generator generates unique male Weequay names and female Weequay names that will help you choose your favourite one.

This name generator will give you ten unique random names appropriate for the Weequay race of the Star Wars universe.

Weequays been able to speak with individuals from their own group through smell by overflowing complex pheromones. This pheromonal language couldn't be seen by some different species, or even by Weequays of another clan. Just Jedi faculties could even tell that two Weequay were imparting. Gotal were additionally ready to detect their correspondences.

Since each Weequay's pheromones were unique, Weequay had no requirement for a name inside their clan. As a result, the speech was only a secondary form of communication for Weequay, what's more, they only from time to time talked an entire sentence, bringing about Humans erroneously accepting the species to be unintelligent.

Just Weequay who needed to live among different tribes, or among non-Weequay, took an individual name. And still, after all, that, some were simply referred to as "Weequay". In Weequay culture, the singular character was considerably less significant than the faction. However long the tribe endure, a solitary Weequay was extra. This brought about an occasionally brutal culture.

The Weequay are a violent and dangerous race of humanoids with weathered skin, giving it a weathered appearance. They also have a braid of hair that develops from their heads, braided into a specific amount of knots that seemed to indicate the number of years a Weequay was from their home planet. Upon return, the topknot would be shaved off.

Their skin wasn't only good for blending into their desert world, it clearly likewise opposed blaster fire somewhat, making them excellent choices for bodyguards, bounty hunters and similar positions.

Weequay names are extremely assorted, but more often than not contain some guttural sounds. Blended in might be some harsher sounds and, on account of longer names, 1 or 2 hyphens. Hyphens never appeared to be important for female names notwithstanding, adding at least 1 distinct difference.

Another difference is that male names can be up to 3 syllables long, while female names must be up to 2 syllables in length. Female names also contain softer sounds, in any case, this distinction can be unpretentious as a rule.

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