Lothalite Name Generator

Our Lothalite Name Generator generates unique male Lothalite names and Lothalite female names that will help you choose your favourite one.

This name generator will generate 10 unique random names suitable for the Lothalite species of the Star Wars universe.

Lothalites, or Lothalians, are people local to the planet Lothal. They have tanned skins and take after center eastern individuals in the two names and appearance. Lothal itself was known for its grassy plains, long, but low mountain ranges, shallow oceans and endless cultivating grounds and towns.

After the Galactic Empire took over, upon request by some Lothalites in order to secure their economy, a ton of the nature excellence was lost to contamination on account of the Empire's mines and factories.

As mentioned, Lothalite names look like the centre eastern names of today. This is certainly not a severe naming show, however, but this is in part likely due to different writers having different influences on naming conventions across the various novels and other works Lothalites appear in. Female names tend to be softer sounding than male names, but both have harsher tones.

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