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This name generator will generate ten unique random names appropriate for the Kaleesh species of the Star Wars universe.

The Kaleesh are a reptilian animal varieties with bat-like countenances, red skin, and yellow eyes with cut understudies. As though that isn't possibly scary enough, most Kaleesh wear a mask. These veils are a piece of their otherworldly and war focused culture, as wars between tribes of Kaleesh are incredibly common. They additionally accepted that the individuals who accomplished significance in life would be divine beings in death.

Kaleesh names are by and large lovely throaty, with some melodic and/or harsher tones here and there. Only one female name is known, to the furthest extent that I could discover in any case, and her name is Ronderu. I utilized this as a reason for the female names, which is a long way from ideal obviously. Somewhat imaginative authorizing settled that issue partly, however.

A few family names incorporate all things considered 'Jal', 'Lij', or 'San'. The meaning of these is unknown, but they're most likely similar to things like 'child of', 'of', 'van', and different words you'd find in last names we use, in actuality.

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