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Iktotchi Name Generator is a free online tool for generating random Star Wars Iktotchi Names. Click on the Generate button to get different Clone names.

This name generator will generate 10 unique random names appropriate for the Iktotchi race of the Star Wars universe.

The Iktotchi are a species of humanoids with red skin and bent horns that bent downwards at the edges of their appearances. Their horns and facial constructions give them a to some degree scaring appearance, but they're actually respectful and quite sensitive.

They additionally have the capacity to see what's to come, though this power is mostly limited to their own planet. They also possess telepathic abilities and it's maybe thus the Iktotchi regularly shroud their most profound feelings, causing them to appear to be more far off.

Iktotchi names are quite melodic and in many cases sound quite soft, however, harsher tones do show up to a great extent. Unfortunately, the only named female Iktotchi was only named with the nickname 'The Huntress', so there was nothing to work with as far as female names and along these lines, they're no a piece of this generator.

Iktotchi had an exceptionally safe skin that shielded them from the savage breezes which crossed the satellite. Both males and females had down-curved cranial horns, which gave them a forceful viewpoint. The males' horns were for the most part a little bigger, a leftover portion from their mountain-remaining, caprinaen begetters. The horns had the option to recover whenever harmed.

They had limited manual dexterity because their broad hands were equipped with fatty digits; their hands were practically 1.5 occasions the size of a human hand. Iktotchi measured on average 1.80 meters and had a fairly critical broadness. Their future was around 90 years.

The mental capacities of the species ought to likewise be noted. Iktotchi had a gift of precognition (direct knowledge or perception of the future) which was relatively effective on their native world, but whose limits turned out to be extremely restricted when they moved away from the moon.

Likewise, Iktotchi had incredible clairvoyant capacities. Disregarding their fairly unpleasant appearance, Iktotchi were sensitive beings who masked their deeper emotions under an appearance of stoicism.

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