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This name generator will generate 10 unique random names suitable for the Falleen race of the Star Wars universe.

The Falleen were a tropical, cold-blooded reptilian species known to be long-lived, with life spans averaging 250 years. Fallen skin was for the most part green or dark green in shading, though it could become red to orange when certain pheromones were released.

The sleek equilibrium of their features, calculating and cold appearances, their exotic looks, and their ability to alter their skin pigmentation meant that the Falleen were often considered to be among the most tastefully satisfying creatures in the system.

In addition to their strikingly beautiful appearance, the Falleen oozed pheromones, which made them everything except powerful to both genders, as evidenced when Quinlan Vos fell under a male Falleen's influence pheromones.

They had small scales all over their bodies, just as marginally pawed fingers and toes. Also, the Falleen showed noticeable facial and spinal edges, nonetheless, females would, as a rule, have slighter, more unobtrusive developments.

The Falleen are a race of anthropoid reptilians who are often discerned as the most balletic pleasing beings in the Star Wars universe. This might be incomplete because they radiate pheromones that make them powerful to both genders.

Other than that Falleen look very humanoid, yet, they need ears and have edges covering their heads and spines, however less so on account of female Falleen. They also possess the ability to alter their skin colour, adding to their feel.

Falleen names are very cruel sounding, many names have a z, x or similar sound and the individuals who don't in any case regularly figure out how to pass on a harsher vibe. The contrasts among male and female names are inconspicuous. Female names tend to be slightly softer, in any case, numerous names could be viewed as unisex names.

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