Dathomirian Name Generator

Our Dathomirian Name Generator generates unique male Dathomirian names and Dathomirian female names that will help you choose your favourite one.

This name generator will give you 10 unique random names reasonable for the Dathomirian types of the Star Wars universe.

The Dathomirians are a sub-types of the Zabrak, and are thus also known as Dathomirian Zabraks. They share similar features, counting pale to brown complexions, natural angular striping on their body, and males have horns on their heads. Female Dathomirians don't appear to fundamentally have horns, which makes them stand out from female Zabraks, as they generally do.

Practically all Dathomirians were butchered by the Sith at the hour of the Clone Wars, and at the time of the Galactic Civil. During the war, there was only one known survivor left.

Potentially because of that butcher, not many Dathomirians are known by name. Only two male names are known, three in the event that you consider Maul's name Dathomirian rather than a Darth name, and in this case, it fits both. The other two are named 'Wild' and 'Savage'.

All male names in this generator will follow this example of utilizing things, adjectives, and other words with darker or aggressive meanings. Female names are both melodic and cruel sounding. Names like 'Lupine', 'Antipathy', and 'Heinous', for example, all offer melodic and harsher tones, so most female names in this generator will follow this example.

The Dathomiri had tattoos on their body that addressed their ancestral legacy. The male Zabraks, especially those having a place with the Nightbrothers, had conventional striping which they decorated with tattoos. The females, especially those having a place with the Nightsisters, had more unpretentious tattoos that were rather than their fair skin. Tattoos were made utilizing mushing. The pods of the mushing were boiled down into a yellow paste, and then, at that point blended in with shades like mud, debris to make an assortment of tones.

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