Ysoki Name Generator

Our Ysoki Name Generator generates 10000 plus unique Ysoki Names that will help you choose your favourite one.

This name generator will give you 10 unique random names, which will generally be appropriate for the ysoki of the Starfinder universe.

The ysoki are a species of, by normal rodent principles, monster rodents. But with their 3-4 ft (0.90-1.20m) heights, they're frequently disregarded by the bigger races. Their wits, intelligence, and technical abilities have to lead to them spreading wide and far. They say each starship needs a couple of rodents, and the ysoki definitely help bring truth to that.

Ysoki names are for the most part truly short and straightforward. Names like Dwech, Twik, and Warp, for example. There are some more drawn out names as well, as Safetypin and Foulplay, similarly to the designations they use much of the time, similar to Snack or Sparks. Their nicknames usually reflect part of their personality or actual appearance. Since the names aren't isolated dependent on gender orientation in the sourcebook, they are considered unisex in this generator.

Ysoki society is turbulent and freewheeling, and a customary warren is stacked with half-did jobs and diverse ysoki talking more than each other. Regardless of their role in society, practically all ysoki hold a profound and withstanding love for innovation and contraptions, whether it be an Engineer’s love of taking machines apart or a soldier’s appreciation for her armor’s construction.

While they traditionally take on roles and cultural specialities different races see as terrible, acting as junkers or squeezing through the innards of starships, this is expected not to an absence of pride, but rather an abundance thereof—ysoki are so certain of their own value that living in below-average conditions doesn't disgrace them.

Bigger races' inclination to belittle or single out ysoki has left them angrily devoted to their friends and families—both ysoki and otherwise—and a ysoki gave a gross bad form regularly want to excursion himself teeth-first at the issue, consequences are damned. Thus, the most well-known ysoki arrangement is tumultuously acceptable, however, they can undoubtedly be pulled toward the detestable arrangements by steadfastness or a need to strike back at apparent persecution(or even simple disrespect).

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