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The psychic humanoids called lashuntas evolved adaptive genetics that permits youngsters to form into one of two as in the subgroup, depending on the stresses they endure at adolescence: either the tall, intellectual, and adaptable damaya—who make up the vast majority of their race's political chiefs and envoys—or the short, athletic, headstrong korasha, who dominate as fighters and voyagers.

Both feature short brow antennae that Focus their natural intellective, just as bright whirls and raised markings on their faces one of a kind to every person. Due to natural pheromones and lashuntas practically amazing actual evenness, most humanoid races find lashuntas of both subspecies unconsciously (and sometimes unnervingly) attractive.

Both clades of the species bear the same genetics, permitting them to intermarry and have kids. While all lashunta youngsters acquire appearances and certain distinctive highlights from their folks, their subspecies isn't one of them. Through psychic ritual and power of will procedures applied at adolescence, Modern lashuntas have mastered the ability to determine what subspecies a child will grow into, actuating certain epigenetics and closing down others.

While some lashunta city-states endeavour to explore youngsters specifically headings, for example, through government-run inclination tests, most lashuntas believe passionately in a child’s right to choose. In ancient lashunta history, their unmistakably isolated epicene jobs prompted subspecies all around related to epicene, yet, as lashunta culture has developed more populist, gender balance between the two subspecies has become roughly equal.

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