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Caitians are a type of humanoid cat. Their appearance appears to contrast fairly, as there are Caitians who essentially look like humans with tails, but most Caitians are more catlike for all intents and purposes, with short fur covering their entire bodies and manes covering their heads like human hair. When Caitians speak their voices resemble that of cats on Earth, but their voices will in general lean more towards murmuring sounds, rather than hissing and meowing sounds.

Caitians are extremely agreeable. Loyalty is incredibly important in Caitian society, both to one's tribe and to oneself. Caitians are very intelligent, have extraordinary night vision and are fit for hearing frequencies past what most humanoids can hear, which makes them excellent communication officers.

Caitian names are not gender-specific, so whether or not a name may sound all the more masculine to you, particularly when contrasted with what we think about manly and female in our names, that name isn't only for male Caitians.

There was one world war in Caitian history that was devastating, but eventually useful over the long haul. During the 1800s (by Terran time) the Caitians had circumnavigated their globe and before long accomplished late mechanical time tech.

There was never a deliberate exertion to investigate northern oceans, because of scary myths of pure white and silvery demons. They were intensely attacked by a northern nation, previously thought to be a myth, which incited a condition of fast militarization and delayed xenophobia in the Caitian public.

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