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Ancient Rome was a hugely successful empire, which covered practically the total of southern Europe, parts of northern Europe, and parts of northern Africa. It lasted from the 8th century BC until the 5th century AD, so as far as town names, there's a whole extent of them. Some of them, like many other remnants of the Roman Empire, still exist today, with the equivalent of a comparable name. Yet, numerous others have been lost on schedule.

Most towns that ended with -ceter, -chester, or - caster alluded to previous Roman military towns (Chester and Colchester being the two most obvious). The Old English word 'ceaster' is accepted to have gotten from the Roman 'castra', which implied camp. However, this isn't valid for all towns that end with these letters. Grantchester, for example, has an Anglo-Saxon foundation.

There are some place names that have some form of ‘cester’ or 'chester' toward the finish of them yet at the same time have importance in themselves. Gloucester derives from ‘Glevum, for example, which signifies 'brilliant spot'. In the meantime, Worcester signifies 'boss town of the Wigoran clan'.

Other Roman spot names fuse Chester, which was also known as ‘Civitas Legionum’ or ‘City of the Legions’. This was subsequently curtailed to 'Legionum' and by the 11th century, this had changed to 'Ceaster'. Exeter likewise has a Celtic beginning. It meant ‘town on the Exe’, however, the waterway was initially called the Isca (water).

Various other British towns with a Celtic beginning additionally have connections to a close-by waterway including Lancaster, which was named as a result of the nearness of the River Lune (‘health-giving) and Frocester the River Frome (‘brisk one’). Colchester was also named after a river, having been worked close to the River Colne, yet nobody is certain why the waterway was known as the Colne in any case.

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