Rattataki Name Generator

Our Rattataki Name Generator generates unique male Rattataki names and female Rattataki names that will help you choose your favourite one.

This name generator will generate ten unique random names appropriate for the Rattataki of the Star Wars.

The Rattataki are a species of white and bald anthropoid. They carried on a disengaged presence on their home planet, Rattatak. Their lives were brutal and involved a lot of gladiator conflict. From what I could find, Rattataki names are totally short, usually two syllables. They tend to sound raucous and could be a portion hard to pronounce.

The Rattataki was commonly thought to be progenies of a long-lost Republic enterprise. While most various inhabitants of Rattatak came from the Unknown Regions, there was countless off-worlder condottiere who might come to Rattatak now and again, likely to view or participate in gladiatorial combat, only to be trapped there permanently.

The remarkably metallic conditions on the planet nearly herd its population to disappearance. Forever, the Rattataki consistently waged holy war among themselves and their individual occupants (represented primarily by Humans, Zabraks, Siniteens, Xrachac, and Bjocao) over the planet's limited resources. Regardless of being almost totally detached from the external cosmic system, the Rattataki displayed marvellous capability and continually created new ways to kill each other.

Not long after the Great Galactic War broke out, Sith Lord Darth Vich, upon noting the relatively unknown Rattataki's considerable combat expertise and empathy for battle, captured hundreds of tribes of native Rattataki to cast them into his own personal army.

Vich before long recognized that some of these Rattataki showed weakness to the Force, and While most various occupants of Rattatak came from the Unknown Regions, trained many of these as Sith Acolytes who might reply to him by and by. Obviously, the Rattataki's inherent capacity in the fight was rapidly self-evident, and Vich's Army became a force to be computed with.

This newfound power caused Darth Vich, who was anxious for more sway in the Empire, to grow progressively ambitious. This eventually resulted in a failed power-grab known as Darth Vich's revolution, after which most of his Rattataki forces were killed completely or enslaved. However, rumours persevered during the post-war period that a small number of Vich's attendants had defected during the failed rebellion, later being taken in by the Sith for full training.

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