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This name generator will give you ten unique random names appropriate for the tengus part of the Pathfinder universe.

The crowlike tengus are known as a race of scavengers and powerful cheats. Rapacious animals are dominatingly persuaded by covetousness, they are vain and easily won over with flattery. Ambiguous, dishonest, and deceitful, tengus seek circumstances in which they can take advantage of the situation, often at the expense of others, including their own kind.

They can be highly competitive, however, imprudent and rash. Some claim their behaviour is innate, while others believe their selfish mannerisms are cultural and created as a learned transformation that has empowered their kin to suffer through hundreds of years of abuse.

Tengus are natural survivalists. For many, just burglary and cleverness have managed the cost of them the brief extravagances different races underestimate. In the past, both humans and incredible races, for example, monsters looked for the bird-people as slaves and servitors. A huge number chased for endurance, scratching for food in the shadows of urban communities or living as upkeep trackers and finders in nature. Their successors now struggle to find their place in contemporary society, often competing against negative formulas or driven to embrace them, and they depend on robbery and swordplay to get by in a cruel and unforgiving world.

Tengus are humanoid birds who for the most part look like crows. They are greedy, narcissistic and often live a life of theft and deceit. This is to some degree because of their set of experiences of mistreatment as they still fight negative stereotypes and for a place in society, but their thieving lifestyle does not help in trying to get rid of the stereotypes they begrudge.

Tengus often purposely seek opportunities and situations in which they can take advantage of others, even their own kind, particularly in the event that it implies they advantage extraordinarily from it.

Tengu names are loaded up with harsher tones, which you might expect from a bird-like race and numerous components do imitate the sounds different birds make. Differences between male and female names are minimal, but female names tend to have softer tones overall. Numerous names could be considered unisex, however.

Surnames follow similar patterns as the first names and are for the most part as brutal sounding as male names, which can create some contrasts with the softer sounding female names.

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