Half-Orc names - Pathfinder

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This name generator will give you 10 unique random names suitable for the half-orcs part of the Pathfinder universe.

Half-Orcs are the deplorable posterity of people and orcs. Born from often perverted or coldblooded relations they will, in general, be ignored by the two sides of their legacies. They're weaker than orcs and too monstrous for humans and as such have troublesome occasions attempting to find a place with one or the other side.

However, this hatred fills there should be acknowledged and to reach for greater status and greater power. The individuals who wish to be acknowledged by orcs will regularly attempt to demonstrate they're as solid and aggressive as orcs can be. The individuals who wish to be acknowledged by people make an honest effort to show they're not the beasts they're seen as.

Half-Orc names frequently lean more towards orcish styles instead of human styles. While for the most part not as wild and throaty sounding as obvious orcish names, they do have similar throaty feel human names will in general need.

Female names do tend to be softer and have more elements you'd find in human names, but ordinarily a long way from enough to fit in well with human names generally.

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