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This name generator will give you 10 unique random names appropriate for the catfolk part of the Pathfinder universe.

Catfolk is a friendly, steadfast and inquisitive creature. Many are destined to investigate the world and search out new pursuits, but some prefer to explore themselves or the libraries instead. No matter the type of catfolk all are accepted among others of their kind and it is along these lines nothing unexpected that clans and individual clan individuals are essential to a catfolk.

There's a considerable amount of contrasts among male and female catfolk names. Male names tend to sound harsh and strong, they contain a lot of r's and k sounds just as other greater sounds. Female names tend to be far softer and while they do contain r's and k sounds they're not close to as normal as f sounds and other milder components. Tragically there were no family names to work with for this generator so they're no a piece of this generator.

In general, catfolk are lithe and slender, standing halfway among dwarves and people in height. While clearly humanoid, they have numerous catlike highlights, including a layer of the delicate fine hide, slit pupils, and a sleek, slender tail.

Their ears are pointed, yet, in contrast to those of mythical beings, are more adjusted and catlike. They manipulate objects as easily as any other humanoid, but their fingers end in little, sharp, retractable paws.

These paws are commonly not incredible enough to be utilized as weapons, but some members of the species—either by a quirk of birth or from years of honing—can use them with deadly effect. Cat stubbles are normal, yet not general, and hair and eye colour vary greatly.

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