Vampire Name Generator

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This name generator will give you 10 unique random vampire names suitable for the Magic: The Gathering universe.

Vampires are beings who nourish on the blood of other beings, usually humans. The victims often turn into vampires themselves, but vampires can also be created using hypnotism. Most, but not all, vampires are sensitive to sunlight and thus avoid going out during the day, but they do have increased physical strength, magnified healing abilities and possess the ability to fly, supposing they didn't already before they became a vampire as even dragons are not immune to vampirism.

Despite the fact vampires are beings who were once 'regular' beings with their own lives and names, most vampires appear to have names with Eastern European tones. This made adding variation to the naming conventions in this generator a little easier, though they did not adhere to strict naming conventions in the lore, so don't expect strictly Eastern European names in this generator either. There are well over a hundred vampire creature cards, so in terms of generic cards, there was a whole lot to work with, which resulted in a large variety of naming in this generator.

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