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Who is Troll? The mythical monsters in the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons are Trolls. Trolls are often found in cold and highlands regions but can be found nearly anywhere as they keep on meandering. The average troll has a height of nine feet and a weight of approximately 500 pounds. The females tend to be a bit bigger than the males. The trolls of the hides are rubbery and are either clough or green. The colour of the clough keeps on changing and becomes streaked grey and green. They have scratchy hair that is typically iron-grey or greenish-black in colour.

They appear to be shorter in height than they are because of their dangling shoulders. They have a tendency to curve forward and walk with a lumpy gait, and their arms droop. They tow their feet on the ground while walking or running. They are quite lithe even though they have an apparent embarrassment attached to them. They have certain regenerative abilities and recover from the hugest of wounds, and can even regenerate their full body parts.

They only suffer from temporary disablement rather than death, and even if they get their head cut off, they can seal their gashes with either fire or acid. It supports the regeneration process. They are referred to as being ambiguously evil. They speak the enormous language and worship the god of dismantling, The Vaprak. There are numerous kinds of trolls out of which the player can select one. The black troll, also known as the incubus trolls, have horns and live in the gorge and possess magical abilities.

The blood trolls are immoral red-skinned trolls and are the devils of their community. The cave troll and the gleaming troll are powerful and untamed and live underground. The desert troll is like a chameleon and is a clever hunter.

Trolls come in many different forms. From enormous, strapping creatures to small, sly beings anxious to deceive all that cross their path. Troll names can vary completely a bit, but many do have similar characteristics. Croaky sounds, big-sounding elements and often shorter names are common tropes. They also usually lack surnames, which is often because they're represented as more primitive or just downright inarticulate.

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