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This name generator will give you ten unique random minotaur names appropriate for the Magic: The Gathering universe.

Minotaurs are bipedal, humanoid bulls who tend to live in mountainous areas and are known for their huge strength, furiousness in combat and pride manner. Not all minotaurs look like kine however, some look like goats or alligators but are still considered minotaurs within the Magic: The Gathering universe.

As far as personal names go there wasn't a large amount of source material to work with, but I still used what little there was as a basis for this generator. I added to what already existed, taking some artistic liberties here and there, but overall the names are suitable for a well among those few cards that do have a personal name for a minotaur. As far as their names go they tend to be harsh sounding, sometimes a mini difficult to pronounce and general quite dark. Fortunately, there were enough regular card names to work with, so of course, there's enough to pick from in this generator in terms of custom card names.

The Minotaur is a creature from Greek mythology. It’s a creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man; a being part man and part bull. The Minotaur dwells at the centre of the Labyrinth in most stories. In popular culture and games, like Dungeons and Dragons, Minotaurs are playable or npc/gm characters, because of this, we made a name generator to help you name your characters. We have created two generating options; generating a Minotaur Male and Female first name, or full name (with surname). The first names are based on a list of Minotaur names found in games, books and movies. I've likewise incorporated a table beneath the produced names to show what these names depend on.

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