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The son of archivist Milena and architect Korath (brother of the previous king Agon), Gorgon Petragon is a cousin of Lord Black Bolt and an individual from the Royal Family. As is a custom among the In humans, Gorgon was exposed to the Terrigen Mists as a teenager, acquiring expanded strength, while his feet were transformed to hooves, fit for creating profoundly dangerous seismic waves.

As an adult, Gorgon became Black Bolt's personal bodyguard and is liable for preparing young people as of late presented to the Terrigen Mists in the utilization of their recently obtained powers and abilities.

Gorgons are mostly known as (female) humanoid creatures with living snakes as hair and a frightening appearance that will go you to stone in the event that you view them. There are 3 sisters, Stheno, Euryale and Medusa in customary folklore. Medusa is the most well known of the three, however, minor departures from gorgons are exceptionally normal in a wide range of anecdotal works.

I've based the names in this generator freely on these 3 names but included other elements as well. I've likewise added names pointed more at male renditions of gorgons, albeit male variants of gorgons aren't seen all that frequently in any works of fiction.

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