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This name generator will give you 10 unique random names which will generally be appropriate for the tritons of the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Tritons are amphibian humanoids with webbed feet, webbed hands, blue skies, and beautiful hair. They're the defenders of not simply the sea profundities, but, if you asked them, of the entire world. While there is some arrogance at play, a lot of which comes from carrying on with such detached lives, they are genuinely protective of those in need, and of the whole world.

Their haughty and some of the time vainglorious conduct can be obnoxious to a few, but the tritons mean well. They're just not used to the manner in which life works outside of their remote ocean homes.

Triton names are melodic but do have some harsher tones also. Female names consistently end in - yn, and male names consistently end in - s. Their surnames always end in -ath, and will in general be any longer and complex than their own name. Male names also appear to always be 2 syllables long, while female names can be 2 to 3 syllables in length.

Triton, centuries ago, pursued krakens and sahuagin out of the basic Plane of Water. Their obligation was finished, yet their adversaries in the Material Plane, most tritons felt a consuming obligation to at last complete their work. Thus, the triton moved to the Material Plane to kill the leftover krakens and sahuagin.

Unfortunately, the animals spread rapidly across the Material Plane's seas, and the hit team of triton were unable to quite complete their work. Triton had to grow and expand their operations on the Material Plane, counting on building up shipping lanes with surface inhabitants. Over time, the maritime dangers were driven back… yet not exactly crushed.

Because of this unknown favour, triton anticipates that other races should give proper respect and regard them. While triton may merit veneration, their haughty perspectives are the dramatic skills of planar detachment.

Few races actually know what triton do, and however, tritons anticipate full concession. This isolated attitude leads tritons to head to the surface, expecting places of great pomp and circumstance, while realms quarrel and wars go on across the mainland.

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