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Atlanteans are individuals of the landmass of Atlantis. They're generally the same as humans in terms of body shapes, but there are others, similar to mermaids and shark individuals, also. Since they live deep under the ocean surfaces, they obviously are able to withstand the deep ocean pressures, breathe submerged, and have incredible strength and spryness because of their submerged living.

Atlantean names vary a fair bit, in any case, are frequently a blend of harsher and gentler sounding tones. Some also include Greek elements, but this is certainly not a severe standard. Example names from the comics include Promoxis, Vigine, Alloroc, Garth, Leern, Cerdian, Atlanna and Rursharn.

Eventually, Atlantis came to be the focal point of early human development. Its king, Orin, ordered the construction of a protective dome over the city simply as a defence against barbarian tribes, but shortly afterwards a meteor crashed into the earth, obliterating a large portion of the upper world and sinking the city to the lower part of the sea. Orin's brother, Shalako, departed with various adherents through burrows to recover another depressed city of their realm, Tritonis, whose occupants had not to endure.

After a few years, Atlantean researchers fostered a serum that would forever allow their kin to inhale submerged; as a consequence of the magic used by Shalako in settling Tritonis, the Tritonians were additionally changed to have fish-tails rather than legs. A few relatives of Shalako's child Dardanus additionally acquired his clairvoyance, which was marked by blonde hair, extremely rare among Atlanteans.

Dardanus' child Kordax further been able to order ocean animals. After he led them alongside the Tritonians in a revolution against the king, he was exiled, and children born with blond hair, the "characteristic of Kordax" were by and large saw as deviations and deserted to pass on.

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